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  1. Finski
    just wants these mooks to stay out of my way ...
  2. DBaxman
    Been busy as fuck at TIA. Not uncommon to have 12-14 planes in a 8 hour shift and it's whipping a 58 years old ass.
  3. southerndodgerfan
  4. BlueMouse
  5. irish
    irish Champ Pederson
    attaboy champ!
  6. Finski
    needs Saturday's lottery numbers on Thursday ...
  7. spanky006
    OC Dodger Fan
  8. CapnTreee
    CapnTreee limeytech
    You still out there Limey??
  9. TheKnockdown
    TheKnockdown Gebbeth
    Hey, what name were you under on ESPN? Totally forgot,
  10. fsudog21
    fsudog21 irish
    just registered and am having a difficult image with the avatar function. Can you help an old (very old) ESPN guy out?
  11. CardsShark
    CardsShark irish
    Hey bro, just wanted to say good bye and thanks for all the baseball talk. As well as all the other stuff.
  12. Chiefdodgerslkrs24
  13. Fall Winslow
    Fall Winslow irish
    Ayo, irish...I'm locked out. Need " a key " Lol
  14. Nirvanaskurdt
    Nirvanaskurdt irish
  15. sleepy floyd
    sleepy floyd irish
    How many times must I post before I can do so without mod approval?

    Wow...this post needs approval too. LOL
    1. irish
      sorry man, working on it
      Jul 6, 2015
    2. sleepy floyd
      sleepy floyd
      Thanks. It's working out well now.
      Jul 6, 2015
  16. Rubricon
  17. Rubricon
    What about marvin gay┬┐
  18. - O & B -
    - O & B - irish
    I got a big cock and an attitude
  19. - O & B -
    - O & B - irish
    Hey we need to talk..Its an emergency
    1. irish
      i pm'd you
      Dec 26, 2014
  20. - O & B -
    - O & B - Rubricon
    Yo, what is going on