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  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Daniel Burch
    Daniel Burch JMaest
    ever heard of 66wfan
    1. JMaest
      It's gotta be WFAN in NYC where Francesa works. I think I follow those people on Twitter actually.
      Dec 26, 2011
    2. Daniel Burch
      Daniel Burch
      They wanna basically affiliate with DSP with their forum. They said we can go back and forth and share content and such and hopefully both get more content, members, views, etc.
      Dec 26, 2011
    3. JMaest
      I think that would be great. I don't know how much action they get on their website since most of their followers use twitter. However, it's still a really good thing. This should be their site here:
      Dec 26, 2011
  3. blueplatespecial
    Happy Festivus!
  4. jobathebeast3.0
    jobathebeast3.0 MZA
    Just wanted to say, I dig the avatar.
  5. JMaest
    Merry Christmas and Happy Ho's to Everyone!
  6. Hammer Her Gently
    Hammer Her Gently TAFNAC
    Wanna play Fantasy basketball?