We have the technology.

We are asking for your money and/or your life.
You choose!

This campaign is for a couple hundred dollars or so so we can start the rebuilding process.

It will bring a redesigned user experience optimized for mobile devices.
Better emoticon system so poor Irish does not have to work so hard.
Much better editing system for mucking about with your posts.
Alerts in your browser icon bar so you can tab back to DSP and see who is replying to your post.
Lots of new features related to how you make threads/posts and what you can put in them.

These are some of the basics improvements in the new version of our forum software. There are plenty more that you might find interesting.
From there we plan to introduce applications to enhance the DSP experience.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.
DSP is a community that is supported by the membersense and not by adsense.
I has always been that way and will continue to be that way.
DSP as a site is only as strong as its members want it to be.
Do we absolutely need to change anything?
Do you absolutely need those few extra bucks in your pocket? No.
Is it incredibly difficult for me to ask for money or ask for help?
It used to be. I am growing.
Although it's not the size of the pirate's hat that matters but the motion of the ocean.
Now give me some booty matey!

Thank you for your support.

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Apr 2, 2018
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