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Discussion in 'Los Angeles DODGERS' started by irish, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. fsudog21

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    Apr 2016
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    fucking Giant fan
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  2. Fall Winslow

    Fall Winslow Back 2 Sleepy

    Sep 2015
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    Yeah, " TBD " is the blueprint for this team. Let's never see another long, draw out series where LAD has to fight tooth and nail and enter the next series behind the 8 ball. Hopefully, they carry the blueprint with them beyond this season..that means taking care of business during the reg season and owning HFA throughout as well..all of that. All of the above. Just beat the fuck out of everybody on the way to the WS and then empty the clip. Sounds easy. Lol

    But I'm hoping NYY wins today. HOU having two big scoring games coming out of that series is a scary thought, even if their pitching is all over the place because that's how they won a lot of games this year..just outscoring teams. Why Keuchel and some others on that team were bitching about not getting a starting pitcher at the initial deadline. HOU was out there consistently whipping teams in the reg season 13-10, 12-9, 11-10, 14-12 and stuff like that. It's a scary offense..by the numbers, arguably the best ever.
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  3. CapnTreee

    CapnTreee Guest

    Not buying into the 'Stro fear... at all

    also not buying into the Astros have better offense, better starting pitching, better bullpen, better D, better coaching, better at everything mostly because they are not from LA.

    OK the better coaching thing might be legit but not the others

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