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  1. reason
    reason irish
    How do you make your postings? Is there a special technique or is it just copy/paste?
    1. irish
      kinda hard to explain since i'm on a mac
      i just copy and paste into a "unformatted" textedit document
      re-copy and paste into the posts
      not sure if you can go unformatted in windows/notepad
      Jan 22, 2013
    2. reason
      You lost me at 'unformatted textedit document.'
      I think I'll just have to stick to copy/paste lol.
      Jan 22, 2013
  2. RedsoxFanCAllen
    DSP's Ted Williams Head
  3. blueplatespecial
    Waiting for Spring blues~
  4. 4everblue
    4everblue irish
    is it wrong if I just add Uribe with 8 points to see how long it takes for someone to notice?
    1. Irish likes this.
    2. irish
      Dec 21, 2012
  5. CardsShark
    CardsShark Daniel Burch
    What's up bro, long time no talk...
  6. Zero Cool
  7. irish
    thanks bubba appreciate it
  8. 4everblue
    4everblue irish
    bro, nothing personal on the threads thing... not my intention to piss you off... I post here to have a good time... the day it stops being that, I'll stop posting
  9. blueplatespecial
    Hey Ned! Buy more players!
  10. scratch
    I'm not watching some gay ass power ranger shit!
  11. pope
  12. scratch
    Yup I'm an old man now, that needs back and ankle surgery.
  13. rube
    rube scratch
    now you are a 38 year old spanish jew
  14. LAdiablo
    LAdiablo Mr Blue
    dee de dee
  15. TAFNAC
    TAFNAC Mr Blue
    Why do you have another sports site with a forum as your home page?
  16. Mr Blue
  17. southerndodgerfan
    Unabashed Crawford fan before it is cool.
  18. chris
    chris VRP
    hey, tryna get bernardo gonzalez from the brewers. he wants Lochte+ Daniels + someone shitty. Lowkey, Lochte has lost 4 points in eye and 2 points in contact since i drafted him. figured i'd get some advice lol
    1. VRP
      I think in that case you have to do it
      Sep 8, 2012
  19. TAFNAC
    DSP! Now with backups!
  20. blueplatespecial
    High priced scrubs!