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Nov 15, 2011
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Power Trippin', Male, from Purgatory

thanks bubba appreciate it Nov 19, 2012

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Viewing thread AROUND the MLB Thread, Sep 1, 2014 at 11:21 PM
    1. Rube
      Ha ha.I forgot dsp
      Had these features
      1. irish likes this.
    2. dodgers
      Can you change my name? if not, do you know who can? Thanks
    3. phils phanatic
      why the responses blocked on the ESPN world series prediction thread?
      1. irish
        cuz i'm an idiot
        Mar 31, 2013
    5. reason
      How do you make your postings? Is there a special technique or is it just copy/paste?
      1. irish
        kinda hard to explain since i'm on a mac
        i just copy and paste into a "unformatted" textedit document
        re-copy and paste into the posts
        not sure if you can go unformatted in windows/notepad
        Jan 22, 2013
      2. reason
        You lost me at 'unformatted textedit document.'
        I think I'll just have to stick to copy/paste lol.
        Jan 22, 2013
    6. 4everblue
      is it wrong if I just add Uribe with 8 points to see how long it takes for someone to notice?
      1. Irish likes this.
      2. irish
        Dec 21, 2012
    7. irish
      thanks bubba appreciate it
    8. 4everblue
      bro, nothing personal on the threads thing... not my intention to piss you off... I post here to have a good time... the day it stops being that, I'll stop posting
    9. irish
      no good at all
      1. DBurchHero
        Ok Nevermind then, lol. Thanks anyway bud
        Apr 10, 2012
    10. DBurchHero
      how good are you with coding and such ?
    11. irish
      fuck, wont let me skip lines. anyway, i'll look at it when i'm a bit less hazy.
      1. DBurchHero
        Thank you sir. Take your time
        Dec 17, 2011
    12. irish
      a bit faded right now on my meds.
    13. DBurchHero
      If you can do that dude I would be forever in debt to you. If you dont have time or just cant do it then no big deal. I just saw you online and I was editing so I figured id ask., Thank you sir.

      (sorry only allowed to post 420 characters on your page in a single message)
    14. DBurchHero
      One guy got tased while he was sleeping. The other guy (that has had his wife chicken out) was going to get tased while he loaded his fishing boat. Im waiting to get tased while posting on DSP lol. Id rather the still to not be cartoonish IF POSSIBLE but if the cartoon looks bad ass then how can I argue?
    15. DBurchHero
      Also I am currently editing a video called "angry wives tase their husbands" and I was wondering if I could get a still picture of a wife tasing a husband while he is on the couch watching sports or something creative. The thing behind the video is the wives I have contacted are going to record them tasing their husbands doing the things that they hate the most.
    16. DBurchHero
      I need something personal. I am editing a video for this youtube channel that I have and I was wondering if you wouldnt help me out. First off I need like a banner that says "Pyros At Large". To give you an idea of what I would like for it to look at (although im open to anything really) you can look at and
    17. irish
      you know i do
    18. DBurchHero
      you dont happen to do photoshop requests do you?
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